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"Yeah, same place my father's is," John replied. "But when do you want to do it?""They look pretty much the same to me. You've seen a lot of them, what do you think?""You're still the Outtie for my Innie." She purred."No way!" Anne slapped me lightly on the shoulder. "A dozen."

"Bimbo!" she squealed. She felt a supreme bliss fill her quieting mind as she said the word. She wanted to feel that again. "Bimbo! I'm your b-b-bimbo sluuuut wh-whore!" Oh, gods, how did this feel so good? How?"Sweetie, don't worry." I assured her, "I think everything will be just fine.""Whatever" I thought to myself. I padded silently back down the hallway to my room and closed the door. After a couple of minutes trying to muffle the moaning and screaming with a pillow stuffed over my ears, I drifted back off to sleep."Oh, John, I can see it now," Kelly said with a laugh. "You become my manager and sell my body for me to rich men and we both get rich."
"Oh, John, your cock is so gorgeous," she said, "and you're so horny. Are you going to masturbate when we get home?"I had no idea what to say. Looking at Cassidy, her blue eyes blazed now with something I couldn't quite place. Determination? Desire? If I hadn't been drinking earlier, if I hadn't been so turned on by seeing her naked before, if I hadn't found myself admiring her body so many times, I might have said no. But of course, if I had said no, I wouldn't be telling you this story.Share"We sure are," John agreed with a big grin on his face. "I'll talk to you later today probably."

"I'm gonna give you," she breathed, her voice almost a moan, "so much more, since you want it soooo bad.""Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush."Sorry. I know you're trying to be helpful." She kissed me passionately by way of apology. The kiss lingered several seconds before our lips parted. I looked into her eyes.----------
We may have eventually gotten bored of deal... maybe... if not for a couple of events that escalated our situation. Both were Cassidy's fault, of course. The first erupted over a scandal at the University of North Carolina, of all places. Cassidy had graduated from UNC, as had most of her family. She had grown up cheering for the school. So when news of a scandal broke, and the university was charged with allowing hundreds of athletes to take a fake class in order to inflate their grades, Cassidy insisted it couldn't be true.Ia blinked. Her eyelids fluttered. She couldn't help but giggle, but her gaze never left Mistress's. She wanted it to be clear she was paying attention.Kelly responded by relaxing her mouth, letting her tongue run around the head of his cock each time it would slide in or out. John could tell by the look on Mr. Henderson's face that he was going to cum quickly, probably because of the feeling of fucking around with a high school girl."You can't help it, can you?" The redhead gave him several long, sensuous licks over his neck. "Your mind is just drowning in sexy whispers! You're so horny, you don't have any friggin' room for those nasty li'l thoughts anymore!" Her tongue lingered a little on the last lick, drawing out the agonizingly erotic sensation. “Do you?” she whispered sweetly in his ear.

We had been to this bar many times before, and I knew there was a second floor bathroom that not many people knew about or used because the second floor closed when the dinner service stopped at 10:00. "Wait one minute, then meet me upstairs in the men's room. Okay?" I asked."Jesus, Kelly," John breathed, staring at her. "That's asking a lot."Tiffany had looked incredibly cute with both her front and her rear entrances forming a perfect circle, like the two sides of a holed coin. The opening in her backside, aided by her Godfather wielding his rubber magic wand, was a good deal larger than the one in the front though; since Buford's conjuring had made the pucker disappear from her tight bunghole and magically reappear on her lips: "Oh!" Given the choice of Heads or Tails, the twins had chosen to record both on their cell phones, as they found both her face and her backside great fun to watch."Damn, she's perfect!" Doug whispered. "And right next door!"
Anja lowered her face to Janet's pussy. Jan tensed momentarily, and then visibly relaxed. So did I.... into her own cunt, letting out a constant stream of happy moans. And Ia watched. And drooled."Oh, John, I love sex so much that I can hardly think of anything else. Just thinking about it or talking about it gets me excited," she said, bringing her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them firmly. "I know you've noticed.""Oh, yes, fuck me, John, fuck me," Kelly cried out, feeling his cock deeper inside of her than it had yet been and if they weren?t in the garage she would have screamed with joy and her mother would then discover what they were doing.

"Where do you want to cum?" she asked, her bright smile never wavering. "Tell me.""No, I guess not," John agreed, staring at her.Cassidy just stepped in, completely naked. I was frozen, paralyzed by shock. This stuff happened in pornos, it didn't happen in real life. Cassidy's deep, loud laughter, and the way her big, round breasts shook as she laughed, knocked me out of my paralysis.One evening I was watching the news and a story came on about the UNC scandal. Cassidy blurted out, "You'll see! It can't possibly be true." She was normally so free spirited and laid back that it was the closest I had ever seen to her becoming angry.
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It did not tickle. It did not move. It didn't even rest there; it just touched the clit once, then left.John watched closely as Mr. Henderson rubbed his dick up and down between Kelly's wet pussy lips several times; each time he rubbed upwards and slid his peter across her big clit, Kelly let out a moan of pleasure. John had never seen her so hot before and he knew it was because she was fucking Becky?s daddy."Not if you're with me," Kelly replied, smiling at him. "Did you talk to him?" she asked, sinking down on the grass next to him."No, I guess it will be alright," she agreed. "But you have to come home right away when it's over. If you want I'll give you a ride."

"You can't help it, can you?" The redhead gave him several long, sensuous licks over his neck. "Your mind is just drowning in sexy whispers! You're so horny, you don't have any friggin' room for those nasty li'l thoughts anymore!" Her tongue lingered a little on the last lick, drawing out the agonizingly erotic sensation. “Do you?” she whispered sweetly in his ear.She knew that the orgasm was going to come alone and was very close. She feared that if she stopped, the electricity within her would disappear, so she continued, pushing her fingers in again and again, stroking her clit with her thumb. She opened her eyes for a second to look at the balcony and was disconcerted to see it completely empty. But that didn’t stop Ruth; she didn’t need them to feed the spark electrifying her entire body. She could feel molten sweat erupting from every pore, pricking with the wind that suddenly eased in through the window over her skin and her soaking fingers. She was about to, had just about come to orgasm…She started to say something, but fate smiled on me again when a ballad came on. Not giving her a choice, I put my arms around her neck and began swaying slowly in time with the music as I stared into her eyes. She seemed nervous but was breathing heavy with her eyes fixed on mine. In an instant, I knew the first part of our plan had worked; she was all mine. We remained silent for a moment. Her, I'm sure because she had no idea what to say, and for me, it was simply enjoying not only our breasts pressing together but looking at Doug over her shoulder."Why, that's absolutely right," Jason said, proud that John had remembered what he had told him.
"I don't know, maybe tomorrow," John said."You're letting me stroke it," she hissed. "You're letting me hold you here. That's 'cause you know how good it feels."John somehow escaped from the kitchen and found a phone, quickly dialing the Henderson home. To his immense relief Tom Henderson answered the phone.Kent asked me, "What was that all about, on the floor with Anne?"

"You sure you want me to do this?" John asked, watching his cock rub all over her face.But whatever she was begging for, she didn't get it, because she only started to pant harder, to bounce faster in his lap.They got to the building and parked their bicycles right in front, ringing the bell to Tom Henderson's office for admit-tance. When the buzzer went off, they opened the door and entered, then getting into an elevator for the ride up to the 16th floor. When the elevator door opened, Tom Henderson was standing there, a drink in his hand and a smile on his face.John was up and awake eating breakfast the next morning before Kelly ever appeared at the table but she was already dressed for school in a mid-thigh skirt and blouse, and she even had a bra on. Because of Karin's presence they couldn't really talk about the only thing in the world that Kelly wanted to talk about, what would happen that night.
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"That'll work." She said, climbing out of the tub.Jenna quickly dropped her hand down onto Doug's bulging crotch and groaned, "Damn, that's hard!""And tonight? You were really hung up on that redhead, Kim, because you didn't even recognize me in the bathroom.""No way!" Anne slapped me lightly on the shoulder. "A dozen."

Out of the corner of his eye, Brist saw the feather the redhead had dropped drift up into the air, as if under a power of its own. For a moment, he wondered if the tickling was about to resume, and felt intense relief. Then he realized that his kittens weren't doing this."Kim, my bedroom faces your house. You think I haven't seen those girls come and go?""Sure." I replied. She watched intently as I shook myself dry."Go easy," I told him. "Let me see it."
"I'm sorry!" she cried. "Sorry, sorry! So sorry! Please, Mistress!" The fairy behind her brought the feather across the nape of her neck, and her whole back arched. "Pleeeease!”"I'm taking a quick shower, just to freshen up." She turned and looked meaningfully at me, then Kent.Getting to her feet, she stuck her finger in her mouth and gently sucked it, tasting herself. She had quickly learned that she loved sucking on a cock, especially after it had been inside of her and was covered with her juices, and she now understood why the boys who she fucked enjoyed so much as they nibbled on her pussy. If she could reach it she'd eat herself, she thought with a grin. But what to wear today. She didn't really have any plans until tonight, just laze around the house, maybe get some sun, or just watch some TV.A few days later when I met the roommate at a happy hour, I knew I was in a tough spot. The girl was gorgeous. Her name was Cassidy, which also should have been a warning.

"You're close already," she asked with a giggle, her blue eyes dancing with amusement. I didn't know if her girlish playfulness was an act, but it was working."I know what she means. It must be the altitude, or something. I'm really horny, too, ever since last night" said my wife.John watched as Kelly took Mr. Henderson's cock between her lips. From what he could see, his dick was at least as big as his and maybe a bit thicker. Kelly was enthusiastically sucking on him, able to take almost the entire thing into her mouth. He was feeling good as she felt Mr. Henderson run his fingers through her hair, holding her head steady as he began to slowly fuck her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy."Silly tickleslut," hissed the redhead in his ear, nibbling his earlobe affectionately. "He doesn't wanna fight! He doesn't wanna cum! He told us himself!"
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"Are they really all that different?" John asked.Doug came up behind me, and Jenna turned her gaze to him and sighed. "I can't believe you're going to fuck me."In the meantime, Tiffany almost wished her nipples didn't hurt so much; but, since she thought that having pain-wracked paps was her just reward for having killed those poor wasps, she felt she really had no cause for complaint. If anything, Tiffany felt she deserved to do even more penance for her misdeeds.I thought about that as I concentrated on my aim for a minute, and as I finished up, I said, "Well I don't like you suddenly changing the rules. And I don't appreciate you attacking me in the middle of the night just because you need to get off."

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"Yes, it is," Kelly agreed, "but there's an early showing and we could be home by 10:00 or 10:30, and I really want to see the movie.""Suck it!" I begged as I felt my orgasm building within me."Like they won't think, eww, she's my mom's age?""No," I said, trying to inspect her clothing, "But it's starting to run down onto your shirt." I reached for some toilet paper and tried to wipe away the little bit of my spunk that had splattered around her closed eyes.
He tried to close his eyes, to look anywhere but her eyes of molten gold, but she held him there, just as she held his hand on the mug, just as she held his cock in her slender fingers and continued to slowly edge him towards bliss.She gave me another sly smile. "I figured you were or you would be dancing with him, not that pretty girl.""I don't know," John answered. "I guess I could call him tonight.""Oh, John, I can't believe how much fun that was," Kelly said as soon as the elevator doors closed. "And with you right there watching I thought I would just die with pleasure."

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I was worried that Anja didn't know that Janet had never played with another woman. I didn't want there to be an unpleasant scene if Jan reacted poorly to that. She didn't seem at all disturbed by what Anja was doing to Anne. In fact, she watched with rather amused interest. I also noted that Jan and Anne were pressed quite close together, their breasts touching. That was a very reassuring sign. Still, I hoped that maybe Anne had mentioned something about Jan's preference."Mine," she said sweetly, leaning close. He felt her slickness drawing the orgasm out, and already he could feel the next one boiling up inside him. The mead was taking effect. Taking control. "My good, sweet boy."Anne seemed embarrassed for a brief moment, and then bravely replied;"I'm sorry, Kelly," he said, conscious of the small towel she was holding around her head. "I didn't mean to cum in you, it just happened."